Technician in Training

Portland OR, Vancouver WA

As a tech in training you will be taught all the things that make you a technician. This position is for someone who wants to be a technician, but doesn’t have that “minimum of 2 yrs in the field” requirement. You have to be tough, self aware, hard working and in it to win it. Bloom was founded on what we call the culture of excellence and very high integrity, we expect nothing less from you. You would start by working with one of our highly trained technicians everyday, learning the trade and developing your own approach for customer service and finding yourself in the company. When the time comes that we feel you are ready, we will start to let you do jobs on your own; with supervision at first, then you will be on your own (but only when you’re ready).

Your Responsibilities:

  • Go with Technician to each job and help/learn about each product used here and how to
    correctly mix them and use them
  • Fill out paper work at each job
  • Speak directly with customers upon arriving at job sites
  • Be able to get work done while working alone – self motivated and task orientated
  • Customer service – answering questions from customers while at job sites


  • No experience necessary
  • Drivers license, car and insurance
  • Self-aware – this job requires you to be able to keep track of yourself. You have to be
    self-motivated, task oriented.  If changes occur, you have to be on it and still be able to get things done
  • Ridiculously awesome at communication – You have to be able to organize, summarize, clarify and
    communicate your ideas simply, sufficiently and accurately. Quick on your toes and
    responds quickly to questions and issues.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Passionate about customer service

Extra Credit:

  • Bilingual

Interested? GREAT! Go ahead and fill out the form below and attach your resume. We so look forward to seeing it and hopefully welcoming you to the Bloom crew soon!

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