Meet the crew!

//Meet the crew!
Meet the crew!2018-03-18T15:40:59-07:00

Hello! Welcome to our crew page.
Here you will see the bright and smiling faces of our Bloom family.

Below each photo is the crew members name and their job title. 

Scotty – Owner of Bloom Pest Control & Home Services

Nathan – Owner of Bloom Pest Control & Home Services

Lori – Accountant

Katie – Office Manager

Danielle – Marketing Manager

Brent – Sr Pest Control Technician

Sasha – Customer Service Rep

Mike – Web Development – Forever in our hearts – 2017

Nick – Pest Control Technician

Stephanie – Customer Service Rep

Louanne – Project manager

Jordan – Tech in Training

Lance – Tech in Training – Photo Coming Soon

Russ – Estimator

Jason – Crawl Space Lead

Lorenzo – Crawl Space Lead

Bryan – Crawl Crew

Travis – Crawl Crew

Junior – Crawl Crew

Chris – Crawl Crew

Orion – Crawl Crew

Bloom Pest Control serves the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver Washington metro areas.


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