bloom crawl space services, bloom pest control, bloom home servicesWhat are Silverfish?

Silverfish are small insects that have no wings; their name comes from their light silver/grey color and that they look kind of like a fish when they move. While they may be small, they can still be harmful to your home, read on to see why.

What do Silverfish Eat?

These bugs like carbohydrates, especially when they come from sugars and starches. Dead insects, linens, silk and certain glues, are also possible common food sources. 

Where do Silverfish live? 

Silverfish prefer dark and damp areas like your crawl space or basement. They are especially attracted to damp paper and clothing, which is usually found in your basement and/or garages. 

Life Cycle of Silverfish

Most insects have a 4 stage life cycle, but the silverfish only has 3! It’s called a gradual metamorphosis, the 4 stage life cycle is called a complete metamorphosis. 

Stage 1: Egg

Stage 2: Nymph

Stage 3: Adult

They can lay eggs at any time during the year and they take between 19 and 43 days to hatch. From egg to adult, it takes 3-4 months. 

Are Silverfish harmful? 

Silverfish are not harmful to humans, BUT your home is a different story due to their feeding habits. Their love for glue and paste, a common tool used around the property (like in your windows, think of the caulking) can make them a menace to your home.

Silverfish can easily be taken care of with proper pest control methods. If you think you may have a silverfish problem, feel free to give us a call or click here to submit a form online!