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Rodents like rats and mice are critters no one wants coming to their home, making rodent control very important. They can carry an array of diseases and germs, and are capable of causing damage to your home. Let’s look at some general information to better understand these animals.

Rodent Reproduction

Rodents are capable of reproducing in great amounts: a population of 6 roof rats
can turn into 18-27 in a span of 30 days; 21 days after mating, a house mouse is capable of having litters of 5-6 mice; Norway rats give birth around 23 days after mating and can have litters of 6-12 rats. Once rodents get into your house, their numbers can greatly increase within the span of a month!

Diet of a Rodent

Most rodents keep to a similar diet of garbage, cereal grains, meats and fish, nuts and some fruit. They’re even known to make meals out of left over pet food!

Rodent Identification

The coloration of rodents can range from brown, black and grey. Rats are longer and bigger than mice, with some slight variations. Roof rats have pointed muzzles, long ears, and long tails. Norway rats have blunted muzzles, shorter ears, and shorter tails. House mice are smaller versions of rats, and both breeds have scaly tails.

How to Identify a Rodent Infestations

Rodents are mostly nocturnal creatures, so getting physical confirmation of their existence is difficult. Here are the tell-tale signs that you may have an infestation:

  • Found droppings
  • Puddles of urine (which also look like grease stains on walls).
  • Evidence of gnawing (especially in heat producing areas, and soft substances like insulation, where they create nests).
  • Chewed up electrical wires.
  • Scratching in the walls (most likely heard at bedtime).
  • Trails of paw prints on walls and baseboards.

Rodents like to make nests in places that humans don’t frequent. They like to live in dark places hidden away, like attics and basements. They’re likely to make holes in the wall and travel in there to food sources.

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Dangers of Rodent Infestations

Rodents can chew up walls, eat up electrical wires, and go through garbage and pet food containers. Rodents are known carriers to an array of diseases and bacterium, like the plague and rat bite fever; both of which are potentially fatal. Studies have shown that a home shares 40%-60% of its air with the crawl space, so having them can potentially make your family sick!

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