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What do Termites do?

Termite/ termites damage cause homeowners billions of dollars a year. The wood they attack will have tubular passageways. Long infested pieces of wood will be hallowed out with passageways and may appear rotten. The most common areas for the exit sites are cellar walls, wooden posts, wall studs, and door and window trim.

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Damage left from a termite infestation.

Do Termites have wings

The kings and queens of termite colonies have two pairs of translucent wings of equal length. These wings break off after swarming and are one of the signs that a structure has a termite infestation.

What to do if you have termites?

The best thing for a homeowner to do in the event of a suspected infestation is to call professional services immediately. DIY Termite control is not recommended. Colonies lead to loss of structural integrity, which can lead to extensive damage and possible collapses of walls. Professional exterminators implement a combination of training, and chemicals to evaluate and treat termite infestations.

Are there difference types of termites?

The two most commonly found termites in the Pacific Northwest are subterranean termites and damp wood termites. Both of which cause damages that are potentially hazardous to homeowners.

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Subterranean Termite

Subterranean termites operate in colonies that have three social structures; reproductive (kings and queens), soldiers, and workers. Workers cause damage by making the tubes the nest is made of.  The soldiers are typically found at the openings of the colonies; they use their large jaws to defend any intrusion. Termites make earth colored tubes. These tubes allow them passageways to their wood food sources. Over time, the tubes cause a loss of structural integrity, making the wood unable to hold weight or maintain its form.

Damp Wood Termite

Damp wood termites do not have a social structure; they all start out as nymphs with wings, then shed them to colonize, and all perform the tasks typically done by the workers. Unlike the other, damp wood termites typically infest decaying wood, such as neglected lumber and dead trees.  Their attraction to decaying wood makes them hazardous to homes that have experienced extensive water damage. Their colonies lessen the structural integrity of already damaged places of a home, creating more hazardous conditions.

Termite infestations are costly and potentially dangerous to homes. If left unchecked, they can cause structure damages and even collapses of walls and other wooden areas of the home. If you find any reason to believe that your home has a colony, call professional extermination services immediately.

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