What are Western Conifer Seed Bugs? The Western Conifer Seed Bug is a species of True Bug, often abbreviated to WCSB. One of the most common features of a true bug is the fact that they can’t chew. Their mouth (known as a proboscis or beak) is made to pierce and [...]

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What are Silverfish

What are Silverfish? Silverfish are small insects that have no wings. Their name comes from their light silver/grey color and that they look kind of like a fish when they move. They can be harmful to your home, read on to see why. What do Silverfish Eat? Silverfish like carbohydrates, especially [...]

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5 Ways to Have a Pest Free Summer

5 Ways to Have A Pest Free Home This Summer Portland Or, Vancouver Wa Everyone wants to have a pest-free summer; I know I do. We want to be out trying to enjoy a day at the pool, BBQing, or maybe even gardening. Nothing ruins a nice summer day like [...]

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