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Keeping a pest free home can be a challenge for West Linn Oregon area home owners. West Linn Pest Control can be a challenge when not resorting to harsh chemicals that can be unsafe for your family and pets. Bloom Pest Control is experienced and trained in the art of Integrated Pest Management and Control in the West Linn Oregon area. Don’t risk the safety of your family and pets by using Pest Control Companies that resort to using harsh and even unsafe chemicals that can pose risks for your family and pets. Don’t waste your hard earned money on unproven methods of Pest Control or Pest Control Companies that don’t back up their services with a 100% Iron Clad Guarantee. Call the Professional West Linn Pest Control Service – Bloom Pest Control to remove whatever is bugging you, without endangering your family and pets.

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Almost anyone can mix up a batch of pesticide and walk around your home spraying for critters, but it takes trained professional Pest Control Technicians to identify your specific infestations, where they are coming from, how advanced the infestation is, and how to appropriately deal with the pest with as little environmental impact as possible, then back it up with a guarantee that if the pest comes back…so do they. Bloom Pest Control firmly believes that our customers pay for a pest removal service, so the pests should be gone. Period.

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As experienced exterminators serving West Linn Oregon, Bloom Pest Control has the knowledge to tackle even the most advanced pest infestations. Not all pest infestations are the same, nor should they be treated the same. Pests here in West Linn are unique, just as is our ever changing weather patterns, understanding pest life cycles here in West Linn Oregon and how to best eliminate your pest infestation is at the core of what we do. Prior to any pest extermination, Bloom Pest Control will determine the target pests and determine the best product to use to exterminate the pest infestation, with as little environmental impact as possible. We always consider your pets and children before using any pest control product, safe pest control is always our top priority.

Some pest infestations can be eliminated with one application…others may require periodic applications.

Nathan Head, owner of Bloom Pest and Home Services

Nathan Head, owner of Bloom Pest and Home Services and Rosco.

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Bloom Pest Control serving West Linn Oregon

Bloom Pest Control is your trusted pest control company in West Linn Oregon. We pride ourselves in providing safe, effective West Linn exterminator services at affordable rates. Our exterminators are among the most experience in Oregon and SW Washington. They take pride in knowing how to efficiently eliminate any pest infestation in a safe and fast manner. Bloom Pest Control only recommends the services you need. We don’t up-sell, use wordy contracts or have hidden pricing. Whether you need a one time pest control application, or need quarterly pest control services, Bloom Pest Control can handle it. Our pest control West Linn service is guaranteed…if the bugs come back…so do we.*

Eventually, most home owners and businesses in the West Linn Oregon will require some type of pest control service. When you need Pest Control in West Linn…call an experienced and guaranteed exterminator…Bloom Pest Control.

*On quarterly pest control services.

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