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What’s the first thing you think of when you see a dandelion? Probably that it’s an annoying weed that comes around every year that you have to painstakingly pull out of the ground. They grow like wildfire, and no matter how much prep work you do they seem to still pop up in the most inconvenient spots. What if I told you that they are actually a very beneficial plant, that comes around for a reason.

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Do Dandelions Help Bees?

Yes! The larger majority of flowers bees will flock to come mid to late spring. It’s the first flower to pop up, and the last to go. While you may not like the look of it, it serves a very important role in the colony. They aren’t the best flower to get what they need for honey from, but it provides enough nutrients for the bees to give them that extra boost of energy to get through till the other plants flower.

Do Dandelions Benefit Humans?

They sure do! You can eat dandelions raw, or even cooked! They contain tons of good vitamins and antioxidants like vitamin A, K, C, E and small amounts of vitamins B. There are loads of small studies that point to this flower saying it helps with things like blood pressure, digestion, and promoting a healthy liver.