5 Ways to Have A Pest Free Home This Summer

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Everyone wants to have a pest-free summer; I know I do. We want to be out trying to enjoy a day at the pool, BBQing, or maybe even gardening. Nothing ruins a nice summer day like a swarm of stinging insects or stink bugs flying all around you, odorous house ants that fell into your sweet tea or maybe even the rodents that got into the snacks you had prepared. Don’t let that be you! Here’s some helpful tips on living in a pest free summer this year.


Get Rid of Standing Water

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Every couple of days or so do a quick walk around your property and pour out all the standing water.

Places to check:

  • Tarps left out that have collected puddles
  • Old buckets left out
  • Bird baths (change water frequently)
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Stinging Insects

Check the Eaves!

Eaves are prime spots for nests to be made. Simply taking a broom and running it along the eaves of your home or using a pressure washer can reduce the stinging insect population on your property.

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Odorous House Ants

Airtight Containers & Cleaning

Leaving food out, especially sugary substances, can lead to some serious infestations. One of the most common ones being, the odorous house ant (aka the sugar ant). Storing your sugar in airtight containers and cleaning up spills are a great start in removing food sources for this pest.

Making sure damp areas in the home stay dry is a great option as well. Your bathroom and kitchen are prime spots for odorous house ants to stop for a nice drink on a hot day; so, make sure to clean up those messes and spills.


Maintain Your Yard

Keeping a well-maintained yard is a simple and visually appealing way to help with rodent infestations. Rats and mice like dense areas, by keeping bushes and trees trimmed you can lessen your chance of having some unwanted house guests.


Store Your Trash in The Correct Receptacles

Loosely stored garbage can be an eye catcher for nearly every pest you can think of. Making sure garbage is picked up and put in the proper receptacle is a great start. If you have local raccoons, we suggest getting a locking garbage can.

If you’ve tried these methods, and you still have a pest problem, you can always count on us. Let us take care of your home, and you just enjoy the summer sun.

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