Fall Pest Prep

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You may have heard us on the radio talking about the steps we take as pest professionals to prevent infestations in our own home. We’re going to go over all those steps here today, in this blog post! So let’s dive into it.

When do I close my crawl space vents?

As soon as it starts getting consistently cold at night, we want to close those vents up for a number of reasons.

  1. It helps save money on heating bills by keeping the cool draft outside.
  2. It closes the door for rodents and other pests to just walk right into our home.
Bloom Crawl Space Services Crawl Space Vent

Do I need to trim the bushes by my house?

Short answer: Yes.

Trees and shrubbery should not physically touch your home. They’re great for privacy and something nice to look at but they are also a great natural home for rodents and pests. Simply making sure these aren’t directly touching your home is a easy way to help prevent, and mitigate future pest problems.

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Do I need crawl space work done?

You should check your crawl space health with a quick look at least once a year, and a more in depth look every couple years. It won’t always look like this crawl space to the right, but signs of rodents are easy to spot, as well as water and wood rot.

If you don’t want to look in your own crawl space, companies like us here at Bloom can come and help. We offer no charge crawl space estimates where you get a full break down of your crawl space needs, with photos. We focus on educating our customers so they can feel confident in making choices for their home and health.

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